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So many people today feel “called” to find more in their lives beyond the usual definitions of success, to live lives of purpose and meaning. Answering Your Call is directed to people who know they are on the planet for a reason and want more than encouragement; they want to be precise about it. John Schuster helps audiences address questions like: Am I really hearing the call, or is it something else, like wishful thinking? How do I deal with times of doubt? Why does it seem like it takes so long to discover my call? Is it possible to have more than one calling in a lifetime or even operating at the same time? How do I best handle saboteurs who seem to want to squelch my desire to live a called life…and what if I’m my own saboteur? This presentation provides exercises that appeal to our practical side as well as inspirational examples from history and literature.

Participants will learn:

  • some common and not-so-common calls
  • how to endure the saboteurs and find the evocateurs
  • how to confront the ego and approach the edges of ignorance