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Leadership is a state of mind and action, not just a position you hold. One crucial test of leadership is whether an individual has a positive or negative memory of the work they did with the leaders they had. Tormentors may get results, but they sabotage people in the process. True mentors and leaders get results and evoke peoples’ potential in the process. In this speech John P. Schuster vividly describes how to tap the desire to improve and activate our potential for developing others into a daily reality in any setting. He outlines the mindset and the skills of coaching and mentoring so that others’ talents are permanently enhanced.

Participants will learn:

  • the three steps for tapping others’ imagination by accessing your own
  • how to avoid the four common mistakes that cause many leaders to miss the deeper opportunities to create capacity in others
  • how mentors and coaches identify the critical times when learning is the most likely