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John is a mentor for coaches and executives. He is also a coach and teaches coaching and leadership skills. Mentoring work tends to be more on the teaching, example-sharing, story-telling side than pure coaching, which is more evocative inquiry. Coaching and mentoring together are conversation-based development processes. Both are effective because they are totally targeted to the client needs with no extraneous material. Coaching and mentoring are more about tapping imagination than dispensing good ideas; once that difference is learned, real progress can happen.

Both mentoring and coaching methods must be tailored to the coach, the client, the situation. And the principles, while universal, need to be used with nuances to create the appropriate context for the work.

Our most recent creation, one that leverages the unique approach to leadership and human development that we have developed over several decades of practice and study, is called The Depth Coaching Institute.

Types of clients and work

  • CEO of a large brokerage firm (15,000 brokers) taking his leadership to the next level and growing revenue
  • First time CEO placed by a PE firm and readying for bigger roles
  • Formal medical director taking on new roles as a physician executive
  • Executive Director of a large Medical Association changing the culture of the 300-person organization and improving relations with the board
  • Entrepreneur and executive coach, on several public boards, seeking more forcus and better overall life and work balance
  • CEO of a large utility creating a worthy legacy of influence
  • VP of a large insurance company prepping for a CEO role
  • New coach wanting to improve her craft
  • VP of operations of a large restaurant chain in Europe building his team and improving margins
  • Japanese professional making career moves

I currently am the coach-in-residence for the top business mentoring organization in the world, Merryck, specializing in CEO mentoring. This role includes mentoring clients, facilitating the establishment of the mentoring models for the firm and how they differ and overlap with consulting and coaching, and helping the mentors practice and improve the craft of mentoring. I so like this work as it has tremendous positive impact on businesses and the people in them, and it is a specialized learning community, a business and leadership wisdom community actually,  with a heartfelt commitment to performance and how organizations can be at their best.

Among John P. Schuster’s client list are these distinguished organizations:

Applebee’s Internationl


Lockton Insurance

State Auto Insurance



Vistage International (Australia/U.S./U.K.)

Ohio State Medical Center

Adventist HealthCare System

American Academy of Family Physicians

St. Luke’s Hospital (Baldridge winner, Kansas City)

Virginia Mason Medical Center

Allegiance Medical Center

American Society for Association Executives

The City of Cedar Rapids, IA

National Weather Service

U.S. Army

St. Olaf College

Creighton University

Loyola University

The Depth Coaching Institute

The Depth Coaching Workshop is brought to you by John P. Schuster, PCC

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The Depth Coaching Institute is a division of Schuster Kane Alliance


Depth Coaching

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Learn more about Depth Coaching by downloading this PDF overview.

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