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Speaking Case Studies

This comment from the Executive Director of a branch of the Academy of Family Physicians sums it up well:

“I was amazed to see how you got the whole crowd involved and really got them talking, but more importantly, how you got them to listen…by the end of your session, they were as convinced as I that the art of communication deals not so much in what we have to say, but how we respond to what we hear.”

Offer for a Free Speech

John often speaks to nonprofit groups for free when he is in a city where he has a paid engagement. So, think of your favorite United Way organization, nonprofit, school faculty group, etc. that would much benefit from a great presentation by John. He’ll be glad to arrange the work so that you can give away his services to a group that needs him.

This offer also holds for one-on-one mentoring sessions and small group facilitations.

All Hands Meeting

At a half-day meeting for 400 telecom Finance people, John was charged with the responsibility of being a bridge speaker between an improv group and the detailed business meeting. Of course, most speakers would never want to follow a totally jocular, wild improv group. John stepped up, kept the energy high, was funny, entertaining, and eased the group into a more business mindset. John then handed the baton to the company leaders, making the meeting feel seamless to the 400 people attending.

Balancing Business and Holiday

A large pharmaceutical company had an all-manager meeting and wanted a strong business message that combined with an inspirational holiday feel ~ without being religious. John prepared the appropriate content and delivered the ideal business holiday session.

Regional Meeting of Hospice Practitioners

A large meeting of hospice managers needed an inspirational keynote – someone who could speak to the heart of these service-oriented workers but at the same time add value with content. They hired John. His speech was a huge success with attendees and the meeting planner. Check out the Media Room to view this speech.

Australian CEOs (hard-nosed in the outback!)

The Australian TEC group (The Executive Committee) hired John P. Schuster to speak before a group of former CEOs, who now coach current CEOs. John delivered an up-to-the-minute business speech that included an inspirational message on the call to coaching business leaders. It was a great success with the fact-hounds and provided a new approach to their work. This event is only one example of John’s specialty – combing savvy business knowledge with the inspirational human elements within an organization.


“John Schuster is an exceptional speaker…he can reach an audience from both their heads and their hearts. He is equally comfortable speaking to a CEO or a front-line employee…what I appreciated most about the times he spoke for us was his interest in our organization. He was prepared for his audience. John has received among the highest evaluations of any speaker to grace the Scanlon stage.”

Paul Davis, retired President, Scanlon Leadership Network

“John’s extensive knowledge and insightful approach to subjects are thought-provoking. He helps the audience challenge itself to think differently about issues.”

Brad Cloverdyke, American Century

“I found out about John and his book (Answering Your Call) through a pretty significant time in my life. I lost a good friend whom I served in Vietnam with…the 48 hours I spent in that situation (serving as a pallbearer and speaking at the funeral) were quite a turning point in my life. And I am about to start, after way too much time of thinking and no time of doing, several small ventures. Thanks to John, I am also trying to do it right and his insights will be a big help. I can see so much of myself in much of what John talks about.”

Glenn Smith, Olathe, Kansas

“(John has) an absolute genius…I saw (him) bring (the topic of) calling to the surface for people…a true gift to people!”

Sally Rhys, Portland (Oregon) coach and formerly with Portland General Electric

“John’s a strategist. He’s authoritative without being a know-it-all. Many people understand their sector, but they don’t have vision. John though can help people with their vision. He sees them in honest terms, and relays it to back to them honestly. They can then get real.”

Tim Gelvin, Johnson County Community College

“By asking just a few of the right questions, he can find out a lot about people.
He figures out what matters to you in life. For you, it’s clear that these things matter… he sees in ways that other people do not.”

Joe Gensheimer, Movida COO