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The title of my Masters Project at Saybrook says summarizes much of my life quest and much of what I hope to do with my work and life the last few decades I have left.  The title is:

Children of the Lost Feminine and the Distorted Masculine: Celtic Imagination as a Healing Force for Modern Ills.

The result of all the study into Irish-American, Irish, Celtic and family history was this: the Celtic Golden Age in the Middle Ages was a time of balance for human consciousness when the masculine energies of assertiveness had yet to be intensified into patriarchy and aggression, and when the feminine energies of connection had yet to be lost and negated by modern thinking patterns.

For me, this discovery added much to understanding of my life, my masculine identity, my family life and history and career. And the larger context for my life also became clearer: violence and war, corporate and business life and the ills of poverty and ecological deteriorization.

Below are links to some of my papers and articles on these discoveries. I am in the process of chunking the masters project into parts so it is more easily digested. There will be parts for Jungians, for Catholics, for Irish and Irish-Americans, for gender studies, and more general readers as well.