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Stories for the Ages podcastHere is the link to my new podcast, Stories for the Ages: celebrating aging with vitality and purposepublished in January 2018 in collaboration with WOSU, Columbus Ohio’s public radio, station. Our species-wide primal urge to learn takes endless forms. Podcasts is one of the newer forms, so it was time to go for it.

I think you will like the wisdom that shines through these 30-minute podcasts I had the privilege to co-produce, as they come out once a week for 5 weeks. They capture a wide range of insights — from the young old in their late 50s looking at their next set of work and life choices, to the older old, late 80s, harvesting the learning  and surprising joys of their daily events.

The first session is out, entitled Friends, Love and Lossesgrowing old not being old, both celebrates and provides guidance on the friendships and relationship possibilities that come with aging. Quite inspiring.

Here is a little summary of the whole series for you.

Stories for the Ages is a podcast for those in life’s second half, from 50 plus to 90 plus, who know they are still learning and growing. It is focused on the possibilities of aging well, aging with vitality, with happiness and meaning and life satisfaction. The series of five interview-based podcasts creates a compelling overview of what the journey into aging entails and how the tasks of later life have to be faced so that the inherent rewards of aging can be enjoyed.

Much thanks to Tom Rieland and Meredith Hart at WOSU, as the forces for insight and community building that they are, and to the great sound engineer Eric French, also at WOSU, a great buddy in the studio who added so much production value and who tells fun stories.