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Wellness By Design Interview

by with Sarah Harris | on Block Talk Radio


Irish-American History as Soul Retrieval

In modern times, by definition, we emphasize progress and the future. The mindfulness movement is of course about the one eternal now. What, then, can the indigenous peoples of the world teach us with their emphasis on “the ancestors?” A whole lot and way more than we...

The Ethnic Imperative: All things Celtic and Irish

One thing important to know about me is that I am 3/4ths Irish. My eight great grandparents were Schuster, Reiter, McDonough and McMeel on my dad’s side and Healy, O’Brien, Quinn and Cunningham on my mom’s side. Like many a modern American, my ethnic past was not too...

Therapy, Depth Psychology and Executive Coaching

Coaches and therapists work in the same two energy fields—the first, those cognitive places where we think, and the second, the those pre-verbal, old brain places from which our core energy emerges. Coaches and therapists have different terms and ways of working with...