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Personal Fact Sheet

fact sheet


  • Two grown sons; four grandchildren in Ohio
  • John’s wife Patricia is a coach and president of The Schuster Kane Alliance
  • Born and raised in the Midwest; birthday is Oct. 18, 1948
  • Two sisters and a 90-year old Aunt Dorothy Irish lass who inspires me


  • BA and MA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH (English major, summa cum laude)
  • Saw the world as a classroom and embarked upon a self-directed learning program
  • Taugh leadership in an executive MBA program
  • Saybrook University MA in Humanistic Psychology: Jungian specialization (2014)
  • Over 40 years between the two masters degrees



  • Started his business in the early ’80s,
  • Author of five books
  • Executive Coach and teacher of coaching at Columbia University and the Hudson Institute
  • Mentor for executives and those trying to be at their best (
  • Pioneered open-book management to promote good business and engaged workplaces
  • Teaches business and financial literacy through accelerated learning tools.(Profit and Cash)


  • The Beatles, eclectic musical interests
  • Natural foods, low gluten, the NBA, tennis
  • All things Celtic and Irish.
  • People of all stripes, the powerful and the neglected alike
  • Grandkids and kids
  • Walks and a bit of biking