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John P SchusterJohn P. (Cunningham) Schuster is an author, executive coach, and teacher who has been in business for over thirty years helping leaders be more effective in their multiple roles. This work has taken many shapes and directions, but often includes the not-so-easy process of assisting clients tune into a more  original version of themselves.  Continue reading 

John is the author of several books with topics including self-improvement, creativity, motivation, leadership and business. View the books

The Inner 360

This 4.5 hour session on using the arts in coaching starting will be held in he first quarter of 2022 (ICF CE accredited):

Dates to be announced in January of 2022

Call me at 816-309-2500 if you have any questions.

The 360 within is an approach to mapping the inner terrain of the coach and the client, the fundamental emotional and mental energy patterns. While it touches upon many approaches found in somatic, mindfulness, and narrative processes of coaching, this session on the inner 360 will specifically concentrate on the arts, the symbolic and image-based processes that humans dwell in at primal levels.

A Short Session on A Big Idea

3 to 4 minutes of compressed wisdom

The Self Awareness Series

The inner curriculum: what to work on and why
Mindfully replacing old patterns with more useful ones
The three tasks for enlarging your life
How we can reframe our ideas about aging


Answering Your Call
"I have been on a tear reading everything I can on purpose and calling and I think your book is the one book everyone should read."

Julia Holloway
coach in the Boston area

I have answered my call and after 27 years since I first started work as a greenhorn MBA, and after some marvelous assignments with some great organisations and industries across the world and through times of amazing change... I'm happy to let you know that I've just registered my own company, Qua Aliter Associates, to pursue this.
I have read
Answering Your Call twice over already - really loved your style of writing and also the concepts that you bring to fore - I particularly enjoyed your elaboration on the doldrums, the evocateur, saboteur and provocateur!
I cannot tell you how much "Answering your Call" helped me in my transition - and I shall keep going back to it for more strength and insight, especially as I help others in answering their call.

Krishnan Iyler