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The tipping point has been passed. From global warming to gas mileage, from carbon footprints to Wal-Mart’s green campaign, the drive to live sustainably is upon us from every angle. As in every opportunity, there are both dangers and possibilities that we face and create that did not exist even a few years ago.

In Leading Green, John Schuster explores the real opportunities we have to live in harmony with green principles as companies, citizens, community and family members. We need to think today, tomorrow, next year, next decade, next generation to do it right. We need to face facts about how we think, and how we live and work — taking responsibility is at the core of green leadership. And we need to be serious about the scope and the urgency of the decisions and work ahead, without getting so green- serious that we lose our sense of humor and wage eco-war instead of cleaning up our own messes.

Why John knows this topic: he was there for the first Earth Day, he was a leader at EPA for seven years when the laws were first going on the books, he is green through and through — he bought the second hybrid car sold in the state of Missouri. And he is human, and sees his carbon imprint and consumption, as he globe-trots and discards plastic water bottles like all of us, as part of the problem. He is not holier-than-thou (well, maybe he is a little), but he won’t scold, or lecture down, or come across as preachy to an audience that deserves respect for its views. He will invite, evoke, provoke, have fun and inspire the audience to re-imagine the danger and the opportunity we face.

The audience will learn:

  • Why our thoughts and assumptions need to change in a world of soon to be 7 billion and counting;
  • What extinctions are telling us;
  • Why America needs to lead and why that is a generational opportunity;
  • Why all citizens lead green by the responsibility they take;
  • Why individual action tied with institutional action is the hope;
  • What to start doing tomorrow!