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Never in history have so many people lived long sections of life after they have given up their major career efforts. Experimentation is in the air for people who don’t know whether to call themselves seniors or elders or grown-ups, and who are creating encore careers, or traveling and having more fun, or grandparenting mightily. Carl Jung addressed the psychology of the second half of life, and this presentation is aimed at how we apply these lessons over the multiple and soulful challenges and opportunities of the second half, last third,last quarter, or last fifth of life. What we won’t cover in depth: wellness and finances, which are two areas that have already spawned mini-industries to support elders in those areas


  • managing the inevitable losses and taking advantage of the gains
  • the role of imagination and courage when society is only partially helpful at best
  • balancing adventure and duty; fun and weekly chores; self and friends; relationships and commitments
  • life reviews and imagineering the next chapter.