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So let me tell you about my new book first...
The Power of Your Past: the art of recalling, reclaiming and recasting is launching in 2011. After years of thought, multiple surveys and in-depth interviews with accomplished leaders who have used their histories with grace and power, my colleagues at Berrett-Koehler have published my latest thinking.

I wrote it to help all of us consider new ways to grow and become our best selves. We all have pasts and one of life‘s secret commands is for each of us to use our individual set of yesterdays well. Using our pasts creatively and well is a secret because no one tells us how important this life task is for our futures—no one ever told me anyway, and I suspect not you.

We must mine our yesterdays for values formed, identities formed, damage incurred. Think about it for a minute. We both chose our own direction and had directions imposed upon us. We had both some of our potential activated and some of it squelched, depending on what we encountered. It is up to us to then make the most of all this good and bad circumstance and choice and move ahead. That is what this book does-it is a guide on artfully using your past to forge your future.

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Purchase at Berret-Koehler, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

When in my early 30s, I founded an organizational effectiveness firm, The Schuster Kane Alliance ( It is still a fun ride after 25+ years and there is plenty of work still to do.

What I do now is mentor, teach coaching skills, and speak on issues like leadership, sustainability, and answering your call. I help leaders and teams from all the sectors – business and government and nonprofits – translate their innate wisdom into improved work environments. And with my colleagues, I address the questions of financial and business literacy with a board game/simulation we created (, now played by over 450,000 people, as it empowers them to understand the enterprise and the world around them.

I live in Kansas City and Columbus, Ohio, and New York City at this point in my life, and hang out with my kids and grandkids, my friends and my clients.

I am proud to be affiliated with

Here are some downloads:

Executive Evocateurs  An article accepted by AMA on the power and methods of developing others

Beyond the Velcro Approach  A classic from ASTD Journal on developing in the second half of life

A radio interview on the human spirit at work on "Good Business"
Encore Presentation - with interviewers Drs. Charlotte Shelton and Martha Lynn

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